House of the Hatter is a live platform for impeccably-curated, digitally-minded social events to allow artists, brands & their future advocates to experience the Alternative Now.

The launch event offered guests a peek into the delirious mind of the Hatter, via this curious character's home, an innovation laboratory designed to incite joy and encourage product trial and social sharing.

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Image David Buivid

David Buivid

Digital Marketer and pioneer in socially-engaged promotion events. Producer of various Fortune 100 public marketing initiatives from single events to stunts to multi-month brand "tours". David loves to build bridges that connect creative ideas to their audience.

Image Matthew Lunetta

Matthew Lunetta

Early practitioner of immersive brand experiences and pop-ups. Disruption officer with expertise in strategic to market product development. Inspire during inception, crave the pre-launch prep and always be ready to pivot. Sales Inertia: $100's MM